About Us

Your Trusted Home Advisor. Home Care that Gives You Peace of Mind.

Sunbrite Home Services was founded in 2011 and is operated by entrepreneurs with a common vision – to change how homeowners manage their property and their time. Coming from varied customer service backgrounds in Retail, Real Estate, Property Maintenance, and Customer Support, they found a common sense of purpose – putting “service” back into the service business.

Each had experienced first-hand the challenge and frustration of choosing contractors from online referrals that were potentially untrue or possibly fraudulent. One had hired a builder who later changed his company name just to get out of warranty claims. Each of the founders understood the feeling of letting people into your home without really knowing who they were. Each had experienced the conflict that resulted from trying to coordinate three or four trades for a remodel project.

The answer was to create one professional company that handled everything from managing services to maintaining the structure. The concept was amazing. Introduce the Client to a trusted Advisor who can take care of anything, and back that person up two ways; 1) with a Help Center that coordinates with the Client to get the most value of the Advisor’s time; and 2) with a network of established service providers for special trades. Back the service we provide with our own guarantee, and price the service to be within reach of everyone. It wasn’t easy to accomplish, but the goal was worthy.

We believe we have the highest standards of any service provider. We also believe we are not done learning. We will never stop striving to lead the industry to a better place. We are driven to do our best to add a little sunshine to your day.