Monthly Home Care Services

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Monthly Home Service

Convenience Package $99/month

Our Convenience Package is designed around the 99 services that need attention at every home, some requiring attention several times during the year. Each month our Advisor will arrive at the appointment time with a long checklist of things to do and areas to check out.

Included in the list of services are things like flushing the hot water system in your home to extend the life of your water heater and lower your utility bills. This service is recommended by every hot water heater manufacturer, and is one of the most frequently neglected home maintenance chores. We inspect hidden areas with an electronic meter for signs of moisture, we check for mold, and we replace furnace filters. We inspect and clean your air conditioner coil every spring, and we replace light bulbs in hard to reach areas.

Sometimes you might want Extra Wishes. That is what we are here for. We list 73 additional services called Extra Wishes available to our clients, and that list grows every day. Would you like your windows washed or your living room painted or your wood deck cleaned and sealed? Your personal trusted Advisor will be happy to make those arrangements for you. We can charge you far less than hiring a contractor or a handyman because we are already on the job every month. The best part of getting these extra services is that you have our solid guarantee on every job we do. Sit back and relax. SHS is on the job!