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Save Time and Money by Using the Right Pressure Washing Chemicals and Cleaners for the Job!

Our cleaners made our reputation in this business. Stronger concentrations and more convenient sizes make these pressure washing chemicals the first choice of professionals.

Take a look at our prices, too, as we have been able to negotiate many price cuts over the last year.

As you shop for cleaners, don’t be fooled by less concentrated products. Many of our cleaners are designed to be diluted at up to 100:1 – not 20:1. We don’t sell you extra water in our pressure cleaning chemicals like many others do.

1) Sun Brite offers professional house washing chemicals and roof cleaning chemicals at affordable prices. All of our house washing cleaners are concetrated to enable you to get more cleaner for less price. We also have a variety of additives for house washing to acheive a more finished look.

Cut house/building washing time with this aggressive cleaner. Excellent for use with injection systems or an X-Jet. PowerHouse eliminates mold, mildew, grime, and even sticky hydrocarbon residue without agitation (which is the hardest dirt to get off of a house)! PowerHouse house wash cleaner is moderately caustic. This strong house wash cleaner includes corrosion inhibitors for metal surfaces. One 5-gallon jug of concentrate is enough to clean 5 to 7 average homes.

The addition of our Lemon Scent helps mask the odor of bleach, which many contractors use as a part of their house-wash cleaning mix.

PowerHouse melts the black streaks off gutters, mobile homes, and RVs too!


For house and building washing, dilute Power House at a 16:1 ratio. If you use a shooter tip or an X-Jet, you can find formulas below. (See “Excell spreadsheet” below.)

For removing those pesky black streaks, dilute the product 4:1 and wipe them off or shoot the soap up with your X-Jet and clean “touchless”.

For soft-washing surfaces with Power House, you can make a 100-gallon batch by adding 6.25 gallons of Power House to a 100-gallon tank and topping the tank off with water. If you wish to add 12.5% bleach to the mix, add 9.5 gallons of bleach to the mix for every “1%” of bleach you desire. If you want a 4% mix, for example, add 6.25 gallons of Power House and 38 gallons of bleach and then top the 100-gallon tank with water.

This product is also available “pre-mixed” in 55-gallon drums. Call us for details!


2) Concrete cleaning chemicals and construction clean up chemicals are available here from Sun Brite Supply. We offer a variety of concrete cleaning chemicals to help you get the job done right.

Now Even Stronger Than Before, with an improved formula to attack the greasy messes around restaurants!
Contains an organic solvent to help dissolve and remove grease, oil, black tire marks, etc on driveways, drive-through lanes, gas station islands, dumpster pads, and more.

Cuts your time on the job two ways. First, this cleaner attacks oily soil, breaking it down. Then it provides “lift” to the soil, making it float on top where it flows with the wash water. Using this cleaner means you won’t have to spend time rinsing most flatwork, cutting your time even more!

It’s economical to use, too. Dilutes at 15:1. for most flatwork. Dilution varies according to the job.

This is enough cleaner for about 12,000 square feet of surface, which translates into 10-12 typical driveways. Costs less than a penny per square foot to use – less than to use than home-brewed cleaners. Does a much better, faster job, too.


truck-fleet3) Fleet Washing Chemicals


One well-known professional fleet wash method is called “two-stepping”. In this technique, you hit the dirty surface with an acid-based cleaner and then finish with an alkaline neutralizer. By switching between the opposite ends of the pH spectrum, the dirt is “popped” off the surface. The acid cleaner used for the first part of the process is usually made with hydrofluoric acid. Our hydrofluoric-based cleaner is called Aluma Brite. This very aggressive cleaner is perfect for any type of truck or fleet washing and for cleaning aluminum surfaces. We recommend using Fleet Brite as the alkaline in the two-step method.

Hydrofluoric acid is extremely dangerous for inexperienced people to use, however. It travels through the skin to seek and destroy the calcium in your bones and body. Severe exposure to hydrofluoric acid can be fatal in a matter of hours.

Since so many professionals rely on the two – step method for fast, effective results, Sun Brite Supply developed a Safety Ointment for emergency use after exposure to hydrofluoric. It can add several hours of time for you to get medical attention. We offer this with every purchase of our hydrofluoric cleaner.

We also offer alternatives to hydrofluoric- based cleaners, for those who are willing to sacrifice some of the aggressiveness of hydrofluoric for the safety of a different acid. We offer a citric/phosphoric solution called Aluma Safe that we sell all over the country to fleet wash companies.

If you are not cleaning the kind of tough road film usually found on tractor-trailer rigs,you will find that we offer several one-step cleaners that might just be ideal for you. The gentlest of these is called Glimmer, which is safe for all kinds of surfaces. This is a great fleet wash cleaner to start out with.

If you are cleaning paint-only surfaces, such as UPS or Frito Lay trucks, you will probably want to move up to Fleet Brite pretty quickly. This is an aggressive one-step cleaner that is very inexpensive to use. It will get you off the job quicker than any other cleaner we know of.

My personal favorite overall fleet cleaner is Big Truck Brite. This product is less aggressive than Fleet Brite, but it can be used on all surfaces and it leaves the vehicle with a near-wax shine. I use it on my own truck, and those of you who know how I feel about my truck will understand exactly what that means. By the way, we have Wet Wax that you can add to any truck wash to get that shine on the vehicle that fleet managers are looking for. (NOTE: We have lots of customers who even buy Wet Wax and add it to house wash mixtures for a nice gleam on vinyl and aluminum!)


Janitor4) General Cleaners, Mold Removal Products


A chemical technology advancement! BioBarrier is a long-term mold and odor eliminator. Once applied, BioBarrier Mold & Mildew preventative prevents organism reproduction and creates an environment that bacteria cannot survive in. It causes the surface to repel bacteria spores and become virtually free of mold residue. Thorough coating of this mold preventative can create a bacteria barrier that has lasted in tests up to a year. This is an ideal “up-sell” for contractors who clean roofs.


HoodAfter5) Kitchen & Hood Cleaners


100% BIO-DEGRADEABLE highly concentrated cleaner made specifically for restaurant hoods, fans, and exhaust ducts. Attacks animal fats, including burned-on grease and oil deposits that accumulate with high-temperature frying and grilling. Breaks down the glaze that commonly builds up in Chinese restaurants, too.

Super strong, but NOT just an ordinary sodium hydroxide product!

Economical! One quart makes up to 25 gallons of cleaner, or enough to work on up to 3000 – 4000 square feet of surface area! Each gallon makes up to 100 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner!

Removes carbon stain. Use on steel, stainless, and most hard surfaces. Works best with hot water.

Scrape excess grease from surface prior to application. May be applied and allowed to dwell until deposits are broken. May also be applied through the downstream injection system of a pressure washer. Dilute at up to 100:1, depending on job conditions.

USDA-approved for use in commercial kitchens.
Foaming Agent is an additive for your cleaners. Use it to increase the foaming action of your regular acidic or alkaline cleaner. Use it to add cling for vertical surfaces, too.

Ideal used with cleaners applied through airless foamers. Can also be used with an air-injected foaming tool at 90 PSI.

DIRECTIONS: Add one gallon per 55-gallon drum of cleaner.

CONTAINS: No hazardous materials.

This product is also available in 30-gallon and 55-gallon drums. Call us for details!