Sunbrite Rewards & Referral Program

Turning our Clients into Business Partners.

Sunbrite Home Services is proud to announce its new Rewards & Referral Program!

This new program will allow our clients to receive rewards by referring their family, friends, and neighbors to Sunbrite Home Services, as well as receiving rewards just for doing business with us. The program features three reward options for you to choose from. You can receive credit for any SHS services, donate your reward revenue to any charity, or receive cash back each month!


As our client, you will receive 3% of every dollar you spend on SHS services as a reward for being a part of our team. When you refer someone to SHS, you will receive 1% of every dollar they spend on SHS services. But this is only the beginning! Not only do you receive 3% of your spending and 1% of your referral’s spending, but you will continue to receive 1% for every subsequentreferral created by any of your referrals. There is no size limit to the chain of Rewards & Referrals you can establish, meaning there is no limit to the amount of rewards you can generate using this program!


It’s time to redefine the home service industry, and we want you to consider joining us to further expand this growing business.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: