Why Franchise?

Want to be Part of the Best in Business?

Looking for a better opportunity? Would you enjoy having less competition because you stand apart from those “limited” service companies? Sunbrite Home Services is the most exclusive home management company in the industry and the only one of its kind. Our company is unique. We handle everything from the mundane to the once-in-a-lifetime challenges through a thorough network of providers. Our business is about customer convenience, delivering both quality and affordability.

If you are looking to own a business in a fast growth industry, to have financial rewards and build future equity, to enjoy a quality of life and a standard of living – consider joining the SHS Team!

There is constant and predictable growth in our market niche as Baby Boomers begin to retire and dual-income families have become the norm. The home services industry needs a leader, a one-stop shop for every service under one roof. The home services industry needs a provider with standards for performance and safety. The home services industry needs someone like you!

We have excellent franchise opportunities for service providers. You don’t need special skills beyond a strong commitment to service, because we provide all the training you will need and we continue your training throughout your time with us. We teach you how to use our own special software program that handles all scheduling and marketing for you, too.

If you already have a specific trade business, we offer you the chance to provide that service for our client base in your area in addition to the services you provide your own customers.

We think the best business opportunity for you is the same company you might choose to hire for yourself. Take a look at our website and see how we pamper our clients. If you find yourself just a little jealous, we just might be the right team for you to join!

Industry Facts:
• Recession proof industry with growing demand
• Under competitive environment
• $50 billion dollar industry and growing as baby boomers begin to retire
• The average senior is spending approximately $5600 per month for care in a private nursing homes

The Sunbrite Home Services Advantages:
• Great opportunity for small and large markets
• Quick Start program gets you in the field in just weeks with ongoing training for life
• The best Image in the business
• Proprietary software that manages your scheduling and contacts
• Help Center for clients
• Outstanding web presence
• Partners to do all specialty tasks
• Central marketing, both print and electronic
• Fills a niche market that is under-represented
• Large Protected Territories
• Multiple revenue streams (the most in the business)
• The best training, education and ongoing support in the business
• Regular clientele means predictable scheduling
• Regular business hours
• Little inventory with an approved local supplier network

The Ideal Sunbrite Home Services Candidate:
• Strong sales and customer service abilities
• Good understanding of home construction and use of tools
• Well developed communication and people skills
• A desire to succeed


Franchise Fee: None
Training Fee: Annual Fee plus
Low Initial Start-Up Investment: Less than $25,000
Contract Period: 5-Year Agreement with extensions